Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Winter's Day Walk

Today I went on a walk,

and I caught a leaf trying to escape it's icy prison to no avail.

It used to live in a tree

near the allyway.

I continued on my walk, and did not stop when bidden.

Winter is such a strange and delightful adventure where I live.

One day I'll be frozen and cracking,

and the next I'll be basking in the sun warming my bones.

Sometimes I scratch my head at how fast the weather can change.

But it's fun to see everything go on as if the sudden trading of temptures was an everyday occurance.

Hmmm.... which it is, practically.

On my walk I found an interesting piece of art that was...

someone's pride and joy.

Diverse we are as time marches on.

So to end my winter's day walk, I will follow this advice:

The End.

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