Saturday, March 26, 2011

puzzle me less

I like puzzles. I like the discovery of every pieces place in the picture. I thought a few pieces were missing today though. There were about 25 pieces scattered around the mostly completed puzzle, and the gaping holes that were left looked impossible to fill with what I had. Kinda funny how life is similar sometimes. It looks like nothing that's in our hands will fit the holes we see. With the puzzle, I could have just not tried to fill in the pieces to the picture... because I thought there was no way the pieces were cut right for each space, but I decided to just try it anyways. It turned out that the did fit.. but I still doubted down to the last three pieces. It was incredibly strange to hold a piece in my hand and look at it intently, look back at the hole in the puzzle and not see a connection until I put it up to the hole and tried a few different angles. It did make sense after all... the picture was complete in the end. I didn't see that possibility until I tried it. It's pretty sweet too, how sometimes it takes a second pair of eyes to see the right angle for the piece to match the hole. Ah, this world is so unique and strange, a mystery and an answer. :)