Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello again. It's been a long time, and much has happened to change me in many different ways. Change will, of course, continue to happen whether or not I notice it as time passes, but this time I've noticed. From the below posts of my trip to Alaska last year, you must agree that it was an amazing adventure that I won't soon forget. Well, you're right, I won't. I learned many things on that trip, and I'm glad I went. I doubt I'll be going again in the same situation, and maybe next time I'll catch a bigger fish. Haha, who knows. I think I posted a picture of my halibut I caught... maybe that was on the good ol' FB... Anyways, it's was a couple inches longer than me! What an awesome time trying to reel that sucker in! I had to have some man-power to back me up! It took about a half hour to get him in the boat. It weighed about 180 lbs. Yeah, bigggg bubba.

Good times. I could feel everyone else on the boat kinda tense up. After all, I'm the one who didn't pay for a trip to Alaska to catch a big fish, I was just the deck hand, but I caught him anyways. Haha... that fish has sure been tasty, and was an amazing catch for a first timer! It's a good joke really. The littlest on the boat, who had never been deep sea fishing, catches the big one of the three week trip. lol God sure has a sense of humor. 
So, I guess the next learning experience was training for a 50 mile bike ride around the valley here. I was working with my brother at the Creston Agriculture Research Center, so I would ride to work every few days to train. Sometimes, I road to Somers, which made for a nice 14 mile trip there and back. There is something so incredible in the scenery at sunset, when you're cutting through the breeze at a steady pace. Ah... good memories. I did that 50 mile ride on a borrowed mountain bike with nobbly tires, in 2 1/2 hrs. Not bad I guess. My friend, who also used his mountain bike, did it in 2 hrs I believe. I was sore for a good week after that.... I came to understand how people become bowlegged over time. Perhaps not bike riders, (they just tend to get very lean legs and very bulky or out of shaper uppers haha,) but I can image now how people who were born on a horse could end up that way. Ouch. 
Let's see... after that I started school, only to drop out after being so burdened about going at all I couldn't stand it anymore. The HS sure has a way of convincing us when we need to change course immediately. Sometimes, it takes me a bit longer to figure out what He's telling me. So, I realized I'd been going to school for all kinds of silly reasons from boys to parents to pride. I then started guitar lessons. I know, right? Dropped out of school and took up guitar. Haha, you should try it sometime... unless, you know your course is set in school. Finish that then. 
After that I worked steadily at Colter Coffee Roasting for 8 months, where I met a gaggle of girls that I grew to be good friends with. We all had good times together... though, of course, there's always a dash of drama where we ladies are involved. Actually, put 300 regular customers + a gaggle of pretty girls together and of course you're going to get a bit of drama. Haha..... *sigh* still good memories. 
I had to end that job due to being too busy with Costco Wholesale, which I'd finally got on with after a 8 month fight/hassle/wait for the job. 
I've been at Costco for two months. Yesterday, I put my two weeks notice in. But calm down.... I'm actually ok with this. lol I can just hear the 'what!' 'why?' Well, I had to. Another job opportunity came up that I couldn't say no to. Honest! I was asked if I was interested, and the next thing you know I've been scooped up into a permanent, long-term, position as a housekeeper of a house near me! Shazam. I don't know what God is up to, but I'm ready for it :) I'm very excited about it! I'll be working with people I can trust and respect. I'll be able to think creatively, problem-solve, and be detail oriented. I don't know exactly what it'll look like, but I know it's where I'm meant to be for now. Phew! 
I love this adventure called life!! It never 'ceases to amaze me.' As someone I know says. Dang... I can't remember who.... Dad? I think maybe... Anywho, life is very good. I'm playing guitar, baking a bit, having good chats with friends, watching my neighbors chickens out the window, pulling my hair out when my other neighbor's poodles bark their silly heads off, and learning to let Jesus love me more and more. It's amazing how much burden I'd carried around for so long... its only been in the last 6 months or so that Jesus has been showing me His dearest desires for me. He longs to hold me closer than I've ever been held! He longs to heal the hurts in my heart! He longs to hear my voice rejoice in unison with His! He has let me fight, fight, fight.... and try, try, try until finally, I've had enough of trying. I know now, that He brings me food to my table. He brings me love to my heart and a spring in my step. He keeps me safe from all harm the other would do against me. Praise Him for His mercy, grace, and ever gentle hand! Amen (so be it!)