Sunday, April 19, 2009

Writing at Midnight

I haven't written in such a long time! I've often wanted to, but always opted for a little sleep instead because if you don't sleep you won't be able to get as much done the next day.
Anyways, despite all the busy hum drum, I've been yearning to go outside and chill out getting some sun, but I haven't done much of that yet. Actually, except a walk of a few blocks on main street last week, I haven't felt the sun on my face or the breeze in my hair at all. Kinda sad, but necessary right now.
Instead of going on and on about boring hum drum, I'll tell you about an amazing God moment I had last week between everything that was going on.
I'd been bustling around town getting stuff done all day. On my way home I turned the radio on and one of my favorite songs came on talking about how God reigns. That was fine and dandy and gave me goose bumps, because it was completely applicable to where I'm at right now, but that wasn't the God moment I want to tell you about. It was very windy out and as I parked the car, listening to this song, I looked into my side mirror. It was at the chorus part where the choir is saying " our God reigns, our God reigns," and I saw our neighbors horses running in the wind. Until last summer, I didn't know that when horses ran in the wind they were actually playing and enjoying the wildness of the shifty breezes. I couldn't help but smile. God reigns. He created horses to enjoy such a little detail in creation (that some would consider a great annoyance) such as wind. I was so glad to see them, their manes and tales flying in the wind as they ran. It was only a glimpse in that little mirror, but it was enough for me to know God was saying to me "Danielle, I reign. And if I can give a horse a little personality to enjoy the wind, I can take care of you when things are not so enjoyable. If I care enough to give you this moment, I can perform miracles for you. With Me, all things are possible, because I will help you." I felt so loved.

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