Thursday, March 19, 2009

Geese in the sky.

This morning I woke up, very groggily rolled out of bed, after trying to make my brain and eyes compute the passages of scripture I was reading, then headed down stairs. On the way I smelled the most excellent scent in the air. Coffee. Ah... just what I needed too. I went straight for the coffee, grabbed an English muffin, put a little honey on it, and sat down in the living room with Mum and Da for a cozy little chat. That was nice. It always is.
Later, as I was getting ready for the day, I heard the hopeful sound of Canadian geese honking away as they begin to fly back to their spring and summer resting grounds. Spring must be near! I went to the window and nearly crushed the blind as I tried to peer out to see the birds that were making so much racket. The cloud cover was so thick that I couldn't see even a hint of stirring air as they beat their wings through the density. It sounded like a multitude, but not even a glimpse could I see.
I think those birds are a lot like my destiny in Christ. Presently, I can hear the beauty, hear the plan, hear the vastness, hear the way it seems to be going... but I can't see it. I know that I'm right where God wants me, but inside I have this deep unrelenting jargon that I keep sensing is something bigger is going on. Maybe what is happening is the plan, and I can't quite see all the detail of this intricate pattern, because I'm on the messy side. Turn it over and you get a Persian rug that you can't see till you're in Heaven? Perhaps.
In the mean time, I'll sit here, take an occasional bite of my Mom's fresh, hot, dribbled with sweetened whipped cream, rhubarb crisp and blog. Mmmmm.... it's so tart and yet so sweet and tangy and melting and, and.... mmmmmmhhhmmmmm. I must go finish it, before it gets cold.

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  1. Danielle I love that you found God in such a simple beautiful thing as geese flying North. I am truley blessed to have such a wonderful gift from God in the form of our frinedship. I enjoy hearing your randomness...and Ill say it though it will be typed and forever trace able... I really enjoy serving the Lord with you on Sundays (even thought its 7:45). Just you and I eating a breakfast borrito and chatting about who knows what makes me not even care about the time or the sleep I miss. Your a great friend and I will look foward to reading your blogs they are GREAT! Love Ya!