Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok, so in the previous blog I said the film I used for the pics I posted was damaged (true story) and that they were grainy and crackly. Well, of course they were grainy. That's what film does when it's 3200 speed. The silver halide crystals will show up guaranteed. The point is this: I didn't even upload pics that had the damage I was trying to describe. Plus the damage is really more scratchy then crackly. So, you shall see in this picture of my friend that it is not only scratchy, but very cool.

Now that I have that off my chest I will procede to talk about leaves like my title promises and even though it is not fall, but the dead of winter that is slightly tricksy at times with a peek of spring.... Anyways. I love leaves as well as black and white, so here is a combination of the two.

Here I'm holding a bunch of leaves AND holding a slightly heavy SLR that I'm trying to make disappear in my shadow. Looks like a piece of cake? Try keeping an eye on the kids your babysitting, hold the large camera at just the right spot in your own shadow and then take the shot. Oh yes, you are right, it was fun.

This is my favorite b/w leaf pic. oh the texture, the shadow... lovely.

You may be wondering how I got these film pics from film to 'puter. Well, its the magic of the scanner, what else can I say? Actually, I have to say it's the magic of getting someone else to use their magical scanner until your bank account magically overdrafts. Definitely magical... almost dreamlike.

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